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Please read this section and complete the 3 required courses before continuing!

By submitting this form and a resume below, you understand that the Carpenters’ Union functions as a Hiring Hall and once you are a member, you will be placed on an out-of-work list to be called when a position becomes available for your level and skillset. You also understand that through a combination of work and schooling, you will be expected to progress through the apprenticeship program, if applicable. Membership with the Union will only be complete when you have paid your initiation fee and two months of monthly over-the-counter dues.


If you were a previous member of the Carpenters' Union or you are looking to transfer from another Local, please do not submit an application.


Union carpentry work in Ottawa and surrounding areas includes scaffolding, formwork and framing. If you are not willing to work in or learn these skills, please be aware that you may not be called for a placement as quickly as others.


The following certifications/ courses are required to apply. If you do not upload the certifications your application will not be considered.

Click on the links below to access the courses, please retain certificates of completion for your application.

2.**WHMIS certification can be obtained here. an instructional video on how to use VuBiz can be viewed here. Please use your 10-digit phone number as your member ID.


Still have questions? Please visit our FAQ page before applying

Becoming a member of the Carpenters’ Union is a big step for your future. We want to make sure that the decision to join is an informed one. 

**I have read this section and and completed the required courses

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