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Training links now available on the work referral slip.

Training records for our members are now available through a link on the work referral slip.  Follow the link to see all the training records.  If you would like the training records emailed, please contact the Training Centre at (613) 745-1513 or email Sheri-Ann

Members may have questions in regards to an email that was sent out by the UBC in April 2020.  The ITC is offering an 8 hour ICRA Awareness class that is online through  Members are required to register a user name through the  The links below will help you navigate the registration and login processes. 

Account Creation

Help Guide

The 8 hour ICRA awareness class is only an awareness class and educates the participant on how to work within the ICRA environment.  It is not the 24 hour ICRA class that instructs participants on how to construct hard and soft wall enclosures, monitor and scrub air among many more practical exercises.

The online class consists of a module-based PowerPoint that allows the participate to move at their own pace.  Upon concluding the PowerPoint the participant is prompted to do a 25 question evaluation (all multiple choice) again at their own pace.  70% has to be obtained to complete the class, the evaluation can be done multiple times.

This training is not mandatory.


Build your construction trade skills.

Stay current, boost your productivity and develop specialized, in-demand skills to be as successful as you can be. Membership in the Carpenters Union gives you access to advanced construction and carpentry training.

Courses for you

Our courses can help you advance your skills in the following areas:

  • Working at Heights – 8 hours
  • Working at Heights Refresher - 4 hours
  • Confined Spaces Awareness – 6 hours
  • Power Elevated Work Platforms – 8 hours
  • Forklift/All-Terrain – 8 hours
  • Propane – 6 hours
  • Stationary Power Tools - 40 hours
  • First Aid/CPR – 16 hours
  • Hoisting and Rigging – 16 hours
  • Install Carpet - 8-12 hours (Floorlayers only)
  • Install Resilient - 8-12 hours (Floorlayers only)
  • Floor Laying Clinics - 4-20 hours (Floorlayers only)
  • Floor Laying Workshop - 8 hours (All Members)
  • Formwork – 48 hours
  • Scaffolding – 48 hours
  • Framing – 48 hours
  • Certificate of Qualification Refresher – 40 hours
  • Level and Transit – 16 hours
  • Total Station – 16 hours
  • Foreman Training - 40 hours
  • Door and Hardware - 48 hours
  • Welding - 16 hours
  • Survival of the Fittest - 16 hours

Keep checking back for updates to our available courses.

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Keep your mandatory certifications up to date

Contact us to register for any of these Ontario certification courses:

Working at Heights
In-class instruction at Local 93 Training Centre (8 hours)
Download: Bulletin PDF
Learn more:

Worker Health and Safety Awareness
Online course: and email a copy of the certificate to

WHMIS 2015
Free WHMIS training at Local 93 Training Centre Monday to Friday 7:30am to 3pm.  Online training available WHMIS 2015 GHS Please enter in date fully (month/day/year) and email a copy of the certificate once completed. 


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