Signatory contractors

Training links now available on the work referral slip.

Training records for our members are now available through a link on the work referral slip.  Follow the link to see all the training records.  If you would like the training records emailed, please contact the Training Centre at (613) 745-1513.

Working in partnership for a stronger construction industry

Our goal at the Carpenters Union is to make the construction industry as productive and competitive as it can be. We do that by working in partnership with signatory contractors.

Become a signatory contractor

As a signatory contractor, you gain access to the most qualified and dedicated construction industry professionals to uphold your reputation for safety, efficiency and excellence. We ensure our members' certifications are current and their training is cutting-edge. 

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For Signatory Flooring Contractors

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Contributing Employers bound to the Provincial Collective Agreement:

Contributions and deductions under the Local 93 Wage and Related Payments schedule are now to be made payable to the OPCC Benefit Trust Funds and directed to Manion as the administrator.

More information regarding the new process for remittance reporting and how to contact Manion can be found here.

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