About Local93

Our Vision

To champion quality, safety and productivity as a brotherhood and sisterhood of dedicated professionals who learn, mentor and lead - building a stronger construction industry together with our contractor partners.

Our Mission

To support our members with greater job opportunities, professional wages and benefits, worksite safety and advanced training so we can all stand together as proud ambassadors of our trade.

Value Propositions

We get carpenters a better deal. Higher wages. Extended health and wellness benefits. Secure pensions. Access to the best jobs and opportunities wherever their skills are needed. Membership with us includes the most advanced training and a commitment to worksite safety so that every worker makes it home at the end of the day.

We champion carpentry and related construction trades.
We support carpentry as an essential trade by sponsoring apprenticeships, reimbursing members' education costs, and raising awareness of the many reasons why it is an exciting and rewarding vocation. We work with our signatory contractor partners to promote a positive attitude, build a productive workforce and strengthen our local construction industry.

We help our members succeed.
We make sure our members earn the best wages, get cutting-edge training to achieve their career goals, are safe on the job and always have access to personalized support.

We're part of an international alliance.
The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America has branches across Canada and the United States, creating opportunities for members to apply their skills and experience anywhere in North America.

We give back to our communitities.
Volunteer work helps us strengthen our communities, allowing our members to showcase their talents and gain valuable work experience.

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