2020 Gallant Knights Veterans' Rally -- Carpenter's Union Sponsorship Promotion

A message from the Gallant Knights:

Together, our respective organizations will be able to make a positive, lasting difference in the lives of our veterans who suffered catastrophic, career-ending injuries and illness in their Service to Canada through the provision of specialized, adaptive sports gear and equipment.

Doing so will enable these individuals to once again, get out into their community, make new friends in a competitive sporting environment and better enjoy time spent with their family doing recreational activities...all of which will do much to improve and maintain their mental, emotional and physical health.

Today, as we look toward the 2020 Gallant Knights Veterans' Rally on Sat,, 12 Sep, I am pleased to offer your members, as well as every employee of your partnered businesses the following Sponsorship Promotion, exclusive to the Carpenter's Union across Canada.

For every ballot purchased off of our Gallant Knights Charity Sports Association (NFP) website, you will receive a bonus of four (4) ballots...which is a $50.00 value.

Ex. 1   If a member of the Carpenter's Union is a rider wishing to participate in the Annual Rally, the minimum purchase amount is $30.00, which automatically comes with two (2) ballots.  By registering on our website, the member will receive two (2) more bonus ballots for a total of:  2+4+2= 8 ballots for $30.00 which will be sent via follow-on email to the member.

Ex. 2  When making a purchase of a ballot for $20, the total will be 1+4+2= 7 ballots.

All your members need to do is use any of the following Promo Codes

a. rusty nails;

b. that's not level

c. it's time for coffee

... on our website at:  www.gallantknights.ca


It's supposed to be a fun contest, where bringing some levity into the lives of our veterans and Rally participants is one of our main goals so...please encourage all of your members to get in on the draw or, if they reside near any of our 2020 Regional Routes, to actually come out and do the ride.

To be won this year are the following:

Early Bird Prize -- to be drawn on Sep 5 at 4:30 pm at Wheelsport Suzuki, in Orleans, ON -- a 2019 DR 125cc Suzuki dirt bike valued at $3000.00.

Main Prize Package Draw -- to be held on Sep 12 at 5:00 pm at Br. 638 Kanata Legion, Ottawa, ON -- two (2) 2018 Harley Davidson 750cc motorcycles valued at a total of $24,500.00.

All prizes are brand new, never registered or demo units and Freedom Harley-Davidson of Ottawa will ship free of charge these two motorcycles to a winner residing anywhere in Canada...to the winner's closest Harley-Davidson dealership.

The prize draws will be live-streamed on our Facebook Page so anyone across Canada may tune in to see if their ballot is drawn.

I hope your members and partner businesses find the Sponsorship Proposal an exciting and worthwhile cause to participate in.  I wish everyone the best of luck in the upcoming prize draws and if riding on Sep 12, a safe and enjoyable Rally.

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