Your Health, Welfare, and Pension

Through the Local, members can access programs, services, benefits, and information to support their health, wellness, and financial well-being in the short and long-term. Please see the different sections and pages linked below for more information. 

Benefits and Pension

On the benefits and pension page, members can learn how to access their pension information via web-portal and app, contact details for pension-related information, and frequenly asked questions. 

Benefits and Pension Information

Member Assistance Program

The Member Assistance Program exists to support members with stressors and challenges that affect them and their families. Members can find contact details and more information on the Member Assistance Program to help them access counselling and other services. 

Member Assistance Program

Tackling Mental Health Head On

Challenges to mental health are common and there are many different tools, resources, and approaches. We have collected information and links here as one form of support that can help members faced with crisis, grief, or who want to support themselves or others in pursuing positive mental health in and out of the workplace. 

Mental Health Links and Information

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